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Call for Papers Deadline Extension

by Colin Helb

The Mid-Atlantic Popular & American Culture Association (MAPACA) has extended the deadline for abstract submissions to June 30th, 2014. As many involved in academic organizations are aware, this is a pretty common practice. In fact, nearly every year, MAPACA sets a deadline with the full expectation that a two week extension will be added close to the deadline. So, we set one deadline, then we push it back a couple weeks to account for colleagues involved in summer course work, research projects, and just getting around to everything left on the back burner throughout the spring semester.

It is the intention of the Executive Board of MAPACA to make this the final year of this process. We hope to standardize the process a bit, and make June 30th the annual deadline for abstract submission with no extensions. So, make a note for next year.

As far as the 2014 conference is concerned, you have an extra two weeks to get those abstract submissions in.

Be sure to check out the Guidelines for Submitting Abstracts to the Conference on the MAPACA help page.

See you all in Baltimore.

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