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The personal schedule

The personal schedule is available only to people who have registered for the conference.

If you click on a session title from the conference’s general schedule or the schedule by area, you’ll find an “Add to personal schedule” button, which will add the session to the “Personal schedule” section of the website. This allows you to keep track of the conference sessions you’re interested in.

Once clicked, that button will read “In personal schedule,” and, if clicked again, it will remove the session from your calendar. Simple as that.

Subscribe to your schedule

The personal schedule is also available as a calendar you can subscribe to using your favorite calendar app, even on your smartphone. This will make your personal schedule available to you even when you don’t have a network connection. Look for the iCal icon at the bottom of your personal schedule to get the correct link. Once the calendar is added to your calendar app, it will update automatically any time items are added or removed from your personal schedule.

If you need instructions on how to subscribe to calendars, select your app or service of choice:

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