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Extra! Send us questions to ask Rabia Chaudry!

This is an extra October MAPACA Newsletter. The next conference is November 8-10, 2018 (Baltimore, MD).

Send Us Your Questions for Rabia Chaudry!

During our reception for our 2018 Divine Impact Award Recipient Rabia Chaudry at #mapaca18, we will hold a Q&A session. We’d love to include your questions for Ms. Chaudry because, as always, your participation makes every part of MAPACA better! Please email your questions to by Wednesday, October 31. For more information about Ms Chaudry, please see the announcement below.

2018 Divine Impact Award Recipient: Rabia Chaudry

We are pleased to announce our 2018 winner of the Divine Impact Award, Rabia Chaudry. A longtime resident of Baltimore, Ms. Chaudry is a wife, mother, attorney, and a 2016 Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow at U.S. Institute of Peace, where she researched the intersection of religion and violent extremism. Ms. Chaudry brought Adnan Sayed’s story to the attention of Sarah Koenig, who turned it into the popular podcast Serial, launching the true crime podcast phenomenon. While Serial was popular, Ms. Chaudry wanted to continue working for justice for Adnan Sayed and others like him, so she started her own podcast, Undisclosed, with two other lawyers. Undisclosed, which has reached over 2 million downloads, covers cases of wrongful conviction and police misconduct, and partners with the Innocence Project to overturn wrongful convictions. Ms. Chaudry is also the author of the New York Times bestselling Adnan’s Story, which delves further into the evidence in Sayed’s case. We are honored to present Ms. Chaudry with our 2018 Divine Impact Award. Ms. Chaudry will participate in a Q&A and reception at our November conference. For more information about Ms. Chaudry and Undisclosed, please see and

There will be copies of Ms. Chaudry’s book for sale at the DIA presentation. MAPACA wishes to thank the independent bookstore The Ivy Bookshop of Baltimore for providing copies of Adnan’s Story for sale at this event. You can find The Ivy Bookshop at

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