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Asian and Asian-American Studies

Area chair

Elaine Cho, Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University, American University)

The Asian and Asian American Studies Area welcomes papers on all aspects of Asian and Asian American popular culture, including its production, consumption, and reception both locally and globally. We welcome both historical or contemporary approaches to the study of Asian and Asian American popular culture from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, arts, comparative literature, cultural studies, education, economics, environmental sciences, ethnic studies, film studies, gender studies, history, philosophy, religion, sociology, or other disciplines related to Asian and Asian American popular culture. Topics could be addressed but are not limited to:

• Issues of digital access and the impact of digital technologies, including social media, in contemporary politics and/or cultures of Asia and Asian America

• Asian and Asian American cinema. We are particularly interested in papers that examine the intersection of the local and global

• Social, political, economic, and cultural movements such as Asian diasporas, artistic and literary movement, activism and political movements

• Cultural politics of work, labor, and accumulation

• Ethnic and community identities, multiculturalism and cosmopolitism

• The multiplicity and divergence of gender identities

• Popular culture in Asia and its relationship to nationalism

• Representations of Asia, Asians, and Asian Americans in media productions

• How representations of Asian and Asian Americans intersect with other forms of representations along gender, sexuality, class, etc.

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