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Medieval & Renaissance

Area chairs

Diana Vecchio (Widener University)
Mary Behrman (Kennesaw State University)

The wealth of material found in the Middle Ages and Renaissance continues to attract modern audiences with new creative works that make use of medieval and/or early modern themes, characters, or plots. The Medieval and Renaissance Area seeks presentation, panel, or workshop proposals concerning the representations of these two eras as well as the use of their artistic productions in popular culture. Topics for this area include but are not limited to: modern portrayals of Arthurian myth, the legend of Robin Hood, or the works of Shakespeare; modern versions or adaptations of the works of other medieval or Renaissance writers; modern investigations of historical figures such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Richards, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Mary Queen of Scots; explorations concerning the teaching Medieval and Renaissance texts to Millennials and Generation Z; modern productions of medieval or Renaissance dramas; the portrayal of the Middle Ages or Renaissance on the Internet; Postmodernism’s connection to the Middle Ages and/or the Renaissance. The Medieval and Renaissance Area also welcomes paper and panel proposals concerning medieval or Renaissance links to fantasy fiction, gaming, comics and graphic novels, and video games; medieval-themed restaurants and Renaissance fairs; medieval or Renaissance themed films, plays, and television shows (e.g. Galavant, Something Rotten, Game of Thrones); connections of modern music to the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance.

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