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Religion and Culture

Area chair

Pamela A Detrixhe (Independent scholar)

This area investigates the interaction between religion and popular culture and/or religion in American cultures.

“Religion” here is broadly defined and includes the official and vernacular, sacred texts and spaces, practices and performances, identities, materiality and more.

“American” refers to all the Americas.

We are interested not only in how religion inhabits products of popular and/or American cultures (in literature, film, television, social media, music, fashion, public ceremonies, implicit religion, and so forth) but also in how religious sensibilities may inform popular and/or American cultural productions and the ways in which religion makes use of popular and/or American cultures.

The area is open to scholarship on any religious tradition or historical era.

You are invited to propose individual papers, performance pieces, a full panel, or a roundtable discussion. If you have any questions or want to sound out ideas, please contact the area chair using the link provided on this page. You are also invited to visit the area’s Facebook page: Religion and Popular and/or American Culture PCA/MAPACA

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