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Angelo Cataldi

We are pleased to announce our 2023 winner of the Divine Impact Award, Angelo Cataldi.

Born on March 13, 1951, in Providence, Rhode Island, Angelo was destined to dive headfirst into the world of journalism. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Rhode Island, he honed his craft and enhanced his skills at the prestigious Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, where Cataldi delved even deeper into the art of storytelling.

His journey to the microphone began in 1977 with a pen as a writer for the Providence Journal and later for the Philadelphia Inquirer throughout the 1980s. Here, he had the privilege of crafting narratives that captured the essence of the games we all love. Fast forward to 1990, when a new chapter unfolded as Angelo took the reins as a talk show host on the iconic 94 WIP Sportsradio, a platform that would become his stage for the foreseeable future.

For over thirty years, Cataldi proudly occupied the airwaves as the unmistakable voice of 94 WIP Sportsradio, which ultimately shaped his identity as “Mr. Philadelphia’s Sports Talk Radio.” With a voice that could rattle the very foundations of Veterans Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field, he brought passionate discussions, expert analysis, and unfiltered opinions to the ears of countless listeners. During these broadcasts, Angelo became a voice not just in the city but in the hearts of sports enthusiasts far and wide.

Cataldi is a true Philadelphia loyalist, passionately supporting all four of the city’s beloved sports teams. Although he could commandeer any press box, he often chose the comfort of his home, where Angelo watched more sports on TV than he attended in person. With a keen eye for the game and an insatiable appetite for the latest scores and strategies, Cataldi reveled in the thrill of competition from the comfort of his living room.

Angelo waited until he was 72 to write his first book, LOUD. It is the story of his hilarious, controversial 33 years as the maestro of the mania in Philadelphia sports. We are honored to present Mr. Cataldi with our 2023 Divine Impact Award.

The Divine Impact Award recognizes outstanding creative or scholarly achievement in the production, performance, or scholarly consideration of popular culture that exhibits exceptional contribution, longevity, originality, and impact. Past years’ recipients are director John Waters, radio host Terry Gross, music promoter Randy Ellis, chef Jose Garces, Rabia Chaudry, and Matthew Buchholz.

The award will be presented 6:30 Thursday evening when Mr. Cataldi will participate in a Q&A. A reception will follow.

This event is open to MAPACA conference attendees only.

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